Tolland County Welfare (Connecticut)

A Tolland County Child, Youth, and Family Services Office provides programs and services to assist children, youth, and families in Tolland County, Connecticut. This can include protective services, emergency assistance, and income support programs. Tolland County Child, Youth, and Family Services Departments may offer job training, education assistance, and childcare subsidy programs. They may also be responsible for children's welfare services, such as adoption and foster care, as well as regulating and licensing Tolland County child daycare providers. They may be responsible for enforcing Tolland County child support payments and investigating child abuse, domestic abuse, and elderly or adult abuse. The Child, Youth, and Family Services Office may provide access to services on its website.

Andover Youth & Family Service Hebron CT 25 Pendleton Drive 06248 860-228-9488

Coventry Youth Service Coventry CT 1712 Main Street 06238 860-742-5324

Ellington Youth Service Ellington CT 31 Arbor Way 06029 860-870-3130

Mansfield Youth Services Bureau Mansfield CT 4 South Eagleville Road 06268 860-429-3317

Tolland Youth & Family Service Tolland CT 21 Tolland Green 06084 860-871-3648

Vernon Youth Services Bureau Vernon CT 9 Elm Street 06066 860-870-3555

The Tolland County Social Services Department provides a range of health and human services and programs in Tolland County, Connecticut. They often administer safety net programs, provide basic necessities, and protect children, the elderly, and dependent or vulnerable adults. Tolland County Social Services may administer assistance programs such as SNAP or TANF, as well as Medicare or Medicaid and any state health programs for low-income uninsured or underinsured groups. They may also provide Tolland County housing services, substance abuse and addiction services, energy assistance, and mental health services. Social Service Departments in Tolland County provide online access to many of their services and programs.

Somers Social Service Department Somers CT 600 Main Street 06071 860-763-8224

Tolland Social Service Department Tolland CT 21 Tolland Green 06084 860-871-3648

Vernon Social Service Department Rockville CT 14 Park Pl 06066 860-870-3661